111 Morning Meditations


This is a great collaborative collection of mediations from contributors across the globe. Vicki has one mediation in this book! Stop in a get your copy today!  Each mediation is short and a great way to start your day with intention. 

chocolate lovers card deck!!! This is such a cute idea for a deck, straight from Australia ... I pulled truffles. Chocolate truffles is about being open with thoughts and feelings. It's about the law of attraction and that you are drawn to people who are open and who you can trust to share your thoughts and feelings with. I am hearing that for you this is a time to evaluate who this is and you may need to make some adjustments as your own vibration has changed. Time to surround yourself with trusting people of like mind. It's also a time to be sure you have the quite time to do evaluation. The sun is shining so get out there, put your face to the sun and allow yourself to be bathed in it.
Chocolate truffle affirmation- I am open and free. I am beautiful and everybody loves me.
This deck is now available to purchase. Come check out the sample deck to see if it resonates with you.